A.C.E. Award (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence):
This program recognizes high school students who have made a dramatic change in their attitude and performance or overcome some type of adversity during their high school years.  These changes have enabled the students to overcome their adversities and prepare for graduation.  Students from local area high schools are invited to a club meeting to be recognized.  Also invited are the student’s family, and school counselor.

2014 A.C.E. award winner Ellen Mathews from Jackson also won the TN District A.C.E. Award!


Prior Year Winners:

2016/14: William Witherspoon (Madison Academic)
2014/15: Ellen Matherws (Madison Academic)
2013/14: Stephen Wayne Clark (South Side High School)
2012/13: Ryan Tomlinson (Madison Academic)
2011/12: Crystal Seymour (Madison Academic)
2010/11: Maria Tatman (North Side High School)
2009/10: Joseph Barber (North Side High School)
2008/09: Jessica Duck (South Side High School)
2007/08: Buckley Johnson Parker (University School of Jackson)