Youth Scholarship

Youth Scholarship:
A local student is awarded The Hal Meredith Foundation scholarship of $1,000 or more on an annual basis.  Normally $2,000 per year is awarded.  This could be awarded all to one student, or to 2 students.  The student must have performed well in school during the year, been active in extracurricular activities and community service.  The student must also have a financial need for the scholarship.  As a general rule, the student must be planning on attending a West Tennessee College or University.

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Prior Years Winners:

  • 2016/2017: Danielle Parish – South Side High School
  • 2015/16:Emma Eggenberger – Madison Academic; Madison Decker – Madison Academic and Mason O’Brien – South Side High School
  • 2014/15: Taylor Lindsey – South Side High School and Annie Lou Wright – Madison Academic
  • 2013/14: Wyatt Woetje and Leland Williamson
  • 2012/13: Kelsey Hosford and Victor Jerome Comer, II
  • 2011/12: Doris Kay Bobbitt
  • 2010/11: Lauren Harris
  • 2009/10: Jessica Watson
  • 2008/09: Emily Key